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A Long time ago a newly developed Lv . gems was descovered by a space pilot looking for preasus gems on a near by Planet. One day , the preassus gem was stolen by the neighboring planet, now Capt/Pilot Ace must prepare for the fight of his life! Now he must learn for ten years, and understand Space flight for this badge!

Battle in Space Exam-An intense set of days when the best of the best prepare and practice their space flying and floating skills ! Badges will be achieved and given out to pin the next Space Ace Pilot! 

Latest Developments:

Star Glider Is an experimental    multiplayer online space  Game .  You Can Experience a space World and Space structure Exploration with a few fly By!

Recommended Features:

Now You can choose your Flyer Hanger and choose characters to interact with and send messages to other players!


Chose your Space vessel and fly away to earth or the closest planets with confidence!  Press enter to chat , Use your Keyboard to navigate WASD. 

By JL Productions  and team!

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